Nantong Hotel locates on No.81, Qingnian Road, the junction of Qingnian Road and Gongnong Road which are the city’s central axis. It is also the landmark of the city. The new 56-storey building integrates hotel, apartment, office, restaurant, shopping, recreation and entertainment. The new 56-storey building covers an area of 43,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 115,000 square meters. The main body consist of a 56-storey hotel and office building of 216 meters high, a 30-storey hotel of 100 meters high and a 4-storey podium building. The hotel features a simple design ,forming a huge visual impact, which fully embodies the trend of contemporary international architectural design. This firm note plays our pursuit into the rhythm of the times.   

  The commercial pedestrian street of 1,6000 square meters with characteristic culture -- the hotel is surrounded by Jiuqu huajie that integrates leisure, shopping, restaurants and bars. Wandering on the waterboren platform and in the Jiuquhuajie makes people associate with a poetic and picturesque painting of a waterside pavilion far beyond bridge, just like a poem depicts “only tender streams accompany the peregrinator, flowers outside the corridor lead you to find paths.” As an essential part of facilities, the large modern multi-storey parking lots covers an area of 24,000 square meters, with a capacity of one thousand vehicles. When you enter the lobby of Nantong Hotel, a marvelous open atrium of simple European style comes into sight. With a net height of 20 meters, it covers an area of 1000 square meters. When placing yourself in the hall whose design theme focus on the closeness and harmony between people and nature, you can see green plants, watch gouache and Chinese ink paintings, view fish swimming in the pond, while reverberant tiger’s growl in mountain forests comes on the ear, visions of dragon in the sky seemingly appear. The Pavilion Bar in the lobby has fresh and natural style with elegant surroundings. With melodious piano sound and rippling water sound, you can relax when you taste coffee or tea , whisper or read quietly. At one side of the lobby, the western restaurant of European style will serve variety of amazing buffet for Chinese and overseas guests, all of which will make you feel at home.     

  With super five-star standard functions and proper layout, the hotel comes complete with fully-equipped entertainment and recreational amenities—fitness center, chess and card room, lobby lounge,1973 Wine Bar and others, all of which make you relax and enjoy holidays after meetings or banquets.      

  Multi-functional “Haohe”Banquet hall and nine various Banquet Rooms named after poems’ names, are randomly but nicely arranged. The rooms named after poems’ name--“Fairy of the Magpie Bridge” and “The Whole River Red” , let people appreciate the extensive and profound Chinese classic culture. Toasting and enjoying delicious foods of river, sea and Yangtze River, people give full praise to the cuisine skills which combine the north and the south.   

  The large multi-functional ChangJiang Palace hall with a height of nine meters covers an area of 1,200 square meters, accommodating 800 people. Whether warm and romantic weddings or super banquets can meet your demands.   

  On the 56th floor, five gorgeous decorated “sky-restaurants” have unique ingenuity. When you enjoy the party, you can get a beautiful “bird” view over the whole city.   

  Nantong Hotel owns more than 732 rooms and suites, with a total number of 1,000 rooms. The rooms are golden and lofty decorated with various types and unique styles. All the view rooms has French windows, of which looking out, you can get a view of Wolf Mountain in the south to feel the poetic beauty-- “all you see is the great river, flowing into the far horizon”, and view the sight of Haohe River in the north where lights are fascinating.   

  Holding parties and banquets here, people will be offered homelike service which the company pursues all the time. Being offered enthusiastic, initiative and efficient service, people get to know the hotel ,the city and bear Nantong city in mind.   

  In the past 26 years, Nantong Hotel, well known as “Cradle of Talents ”and “Huangpu Military Academy” of Nantong hotel industry, has put its focus on cultivation of corporate culture and improvement of talent team. Based on the management system, the advanced service concept and business core, the hotel provides batches of excellent talents. As for its successful strategy, Nantong hotel receives a good reputation and gains remarkable achievements in the fierce competition. In the past 26 years, the hotel has successfully received many overseas leaders,chief of government, state leaders and a large number of celebrities and stars from all walk of like as well as guests from home and abroad.   

  With the increase of the number of floors and the improvement of hotel standard, Nantong hotel insists the spirit of persistence when facing difficulties, sticks to the business idea during the process of development, keeps pace with the times and creates an innovative management system. It accepts diversity from broad horizon and harvests great fruits from constant striving. Like a sailing boat, it has been going forward all the way. In the times of hope, they will set out again to find a new start under the leadership of Jiangsu Wenfeng Group.   

  New start, New height, New Nantong Hotel