Stay in touch with your team
PublishTime:2010-01-11   Author:shine   Source:sina

Mobile Times has teamed up with football stats experts Opta Index to bring you the best football service direct to your mobile.


Register for Goal alerts, half-time update, full-time score and league position.


Team News

As soon as your club's manager names his squad, we'll fire it over to you


Goal Alerts

Within minutes of a ball hitting the back of a net you will know about it. Sign up to your team and no matter where you are you will know the score.


Half-Time Update

Latest score after 45 minutes.


Full-Time Score

Important news so you need it quickly. Sent to you as soon as the final whistle blows.


League Position

Also at the end of each day's play we will send you your team's standing within three places above and below you in the league.